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From digest.v7.n1443 Fri Apr 3 17:37:02 1998
From: Barry Jay Burr <>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 14:43:46 -0500
Subject: DINAN Exhaust for 3.2Liter //M3, TAKE TWO

> DINAN Exhaust for 3.2Liter //M3, TAKE TWO
> As a result of my previous posting, I received a call from Steve Stander
> at Body Motion.
> Body Motion is an authorized DINAN Distributor, which means they
> carry a full line of DINAN products and can sell them for less than most
> other shops.
> One thing I have learned in the couple of years that I have known
> him is that Steve will not sell a product just because you want it, if
> it will not give you any gain in performance.
> When Steve saw that the Dinan exhaust was worse than stock, they
> looked for another exhaust that would work well in their standard //M3
> package which consists of the DINAN brake vent ducted air intake box and
> the DINAN ECU chip or reprogramming, depending on model year. The
> Supersprint exhaust tested well with these DINAN components, with
> quarter mile times in the mid to low 13 second range or better. And
> this was with me in Steve's car, so I know the performance gain is
> legitimate.
> But now, DINAN is designing a new exhaust for the 3.2 liter //M3 to
> perform better than the Supersprint.
> So for the meantime, go with the Supersprint. But if you can wait a
> month or two at most, you can get the new DINAN 3.2 liter //M3 exhaust
> which should outperform any other //M3 exhaust short of a full race
> noisemaker.
> In case you're wondering if I'm espousing pandering fluff to
> anybody, NOT AT ALL.
> Those of you who know me know I go with what works best at the most
> reasonable cost. With regard to an //M3 exhaust, I intend to go with
> the DINAN.

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