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From digest.v6.n883 Tue Jul 15 19:53:17 1997
From: Milos Klacko <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 23:01:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Performance of K&N and exhaust

Al wrote:

>This is a performance report on modifications made to a 96 318ti sport.

>The shift kit is more useful in casual driving than on the track. The
>exhaust and cone filter do not add significant performance as measured

>terminal speed on the back straight at Watkins Glen. I would not
>recommend either except the exhaust sounds great on the track and for
>short trips. However, the drone grows tiresome on extended trips. The
>harness really helps on the track, and has improved performance more
>any other modification.

>For what its worth.
>96 318ti sports, 5-speed with shift kit,
>b&b exhaust, k&n cone filter

Al and others,

just FYI I know several club members in our local chapter with B&B exhausts,
these are generally known to be a little louder than other tuner's exhaust. I know some people who did not like it and sold theirs as well as some who just love the extra sound ( I guess it is a thing of personal preference...)
I am not surprised that you are not noticing a signif. performance increase with K&N and exhaust alone.
Let's admit it our "butt dyno" is one thing and the real measurement is the other esp with low HP increase.
I think that the best way to notice an effect of the K&N and the exhaust is when they work together with the chip. I have witnessed many dyno runs and the filter upgrade with the exhaust alone without the chip are good for no more than 6- 10HP. (Not easy to notice the difference) Especially if you did not put a turbulence / heat shield between the engine and the cone. I am sure you have read the details of a dyno run in previous Digests about how important this is. Even if you had the chip - if you did not have the shield you robbed a lot of that "new HP" right away.
Chip alone is good for 13-15HP.(more or less -depending on a car). Add the K&N and exhaust and you are in the area of 18-20HP - this you would feel for sure even with the 'butt-dyno'.. :-) Just yesterday we put J.Conforti's chip to my friends 318ti Club Sport . For now we also removed the baffle from the air box - nice sound. (Exhaust, K&N cone AND shield coming in 2-3 weeks) Anyway, the chip made a 'night and day' difference - nice bottom end increase in 1-st and 2-nd and great smooth increase in top end - also seemed to eliminate a small vibration that the engine had at 6500. -now pulling strongly to 7000. The chip is a must with 318 - what a difference!!!

Also, the statement about the short shift kit depends on the type of kit itself as well as the style of driving. My AC Schnitzer SS kit makes a huge difference to me at any situation track or street - in fact though I find it a lot more useful at the track than on the street - the shifts are shorter, feeling is very positive and gives tactile feedback with every move - none of that "mushy-put-it-in-any-gear-feeling". It is sinfully expensive in US, but I was fortunate to bring it from Germany for much better price - it truly is a piece of art and one would never appreciate it unless driving a car with the kit in it.
It may sound silly, but the SS kit and the chip are the "2 most fun upgrades " I've done to my car.
I also tried my friends SS kit by Authotority - what a joke. Heard people being pleased with Metric Mechanics and Racing Dynamics SS kits, but did not try those.
After I tried my other friend's AC Schnitzer kit , I was sold..... thanks Carlos ;-)

I am posting this not to oppose what Al said - he is just sharing his experience as well as I am, and that's how we learn from each other. I drive 325 but the info. here applies universally .

Happy motoring everyone. Milos

P.S.: - we have a set of M3 black leather seats -excellent condition from a 1 year old car.
These were ready to go to my friend's car who originally wanted to by a base "ti" and gradually trick it out. He stumbled upon a great deal of 95 Club Sport , so the M3 seats are now for sale. (please respond via E-mail or call).

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