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From digest.v6.n281 Wed Feb 26 01:46:10 1997
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 01:10:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: E36: ti+ Various fiche and ETM part #'s

I ordered a 1997 318tis last Friday and am going through the same process I did with my '96 328is. Being up on the learning curve, this time should be much easier. The part # for the ti repair manual fiche is 01 51 9 784 761 $17.16 retail and is the same one I ordered for my '96 328is. I did not realize it covered the compact. This fiche dated 2/96 is the latest one available. The ti parts data fiche part # is 01 07 9 788 877 $13.00 retail. The part # for the technical data fiche, which covers all BMW models from '94 on, is 01 51 9 788 311 $10.95 retail. The ti ETM (Electrical Troubleshooting Manual) part # is 01 00 1 469 401 $41.50 retail. This base manual covers '95 318ti produced 5/95 through 12/95. The ti ETM supplement part # is 01 00 1 469 494 $20.00 retail. This supplement updates the base manual to include the '96 318ti 1/96 to present (whatever that is). Both ETM's are hard copy.

I feel the above makes working on these cars much easier. Used in combination they are better than any after market manual I've seen. The fiche reader I purchased last summer is paying its way. Although hard copy is nice, except for the ETM, I find the fiche much easier to use.

I ordered mine from P&W Import 1-800-332-6322. Ask for BMW parts Dave.

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