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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 16:24:48 -0400
From: Skip Bogard <>
Subject: Re: [E36M3] List Wisdom Needed -- splash guard replacement

Your '95 M3 shroud is 51 72 2 250 643 and

17 11 2 227 690 (insert panel in the middle).

I'd suggest instead you consider installing a circa late '96/'97 shroud:

                      51 71 8 156 259  (the microfiche/parts CD lies...
                                        it did not come out in 9/1993)

It is much lighter in weight (I'd guess at least 1/2 or more) and less likely to come off from gravity, animal, and speed bump assists.

Or you could consider the JTD cover, but I've not installed one before, so I defer to others on it..

Your old "pork chop" left/right coverings will work (those things are airfoils that direct air in front of the tire to be violently turbulent and spill air off to the sides of the L/R front tires. So instead of letting a moderately steady high pressure zone of air pile up in front of the left/right tire's curved surface (which then has the effect that the tires become inverted airfoils and together with the road's surface, cause lift to the car's front end), the air in front of the tire is disrupted and not allowed to contribute to a lot of tire lift.

But I'll note that they'll (new shroud and old porkchops) not mate exactly because your old style shroud was a reverse airfoil (providing some downforce, and contributing to it's ultimate demise because of the crappy plastic fasteners)....and the new shroud is not an is flat.

There are newer style left/right coverings that are also flat & match exactly, but I don't know the proper part numbers. Maybe someone who has these laying in their garage can tell you the two L/R p/n's (the '95 setup has 4 P/n's...there is a part within a part).

You might ask for help from a BMW tech who knows how to convert your model '95 shroud setup to the circa '96/'97 setup. For most techs, its a challenge even for them, the parts CD is VERY unclear....

If JTD could make their setup a reverse airfoil like the stock '95 setup, I would have bought it by now. It just needs a little curve it it instead of being flat.

  • Skip (been through two '95 shrouds and one '97 (still working) in 120k miles)

Jeremy Lucas wrote:
> Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 23:28:46 -0400
> From: "Jeremy Lucas" <>
> Subject: List Wisdom Needed -- splash guard replacement
> After an unfortunate incident with some road kill this evening, my splash
> guard was torn free and dragged quite a bit (despite my roadside efforts to
> prevent the dragging). I've searched my Bentley manual but no diagrams or
> pictures of the splash guard mounting can be found to aid in it's removal
> and replacement.
> 1) Does anyone have a link to this type of information?? Uberjeph had some
> information that I remember looking at in the past but that site no longer
> is up.
> 2) Any thoughts on which replacement I should get? stock? JTD? Anybody
> done both, which is better?
> 3) Anybody run without one? Are there any consequences to leaving it off?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jeremy Lucas
> 95 M3

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