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From digest.v6.n894 Fri Jul 18 03:57:29 1997
From: "Duane C" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 00:59:53 -0400
Subject: Euro M3 Differences

> > Additionaly, you get nearly race-level brakes and a
> > better build-quality with the M3 from the motorsport
> > division

> i would like to see someone who knows about the differences tell us

> what they are. i thought the only differences were in the powerplant and
> tranny. are there differences in the brakes as well? and the susension?

Hey Mike! Time to come and auto-x some more!

There are some subtle differences in the Euro M3 other than the engine and trans. Some I know of are: the 2 piece aluminum hat front rotors that eliminate the warping problem on the track (<<<< attention: M. Gayle), and the Euro M3's sit lower on on their chassis. U.S. spec cars are raised up via longer springs to meet federal bumper standards. Euro M3's are also supplied with P-Zeros as OEM tires and also have a power rear vent window option. Clear turn signals all around, too (bet you already knew that) and better headlights. There are other differences as well, I'm sure...maybe someone else can add in what I've missed.

BTW, I just installed the Euro 2-piece front rotors on my car tonight in preparation for O'Fest. They look VERY serious and are only an additional $ 50 over the cost of stock U.S. spec rotors. You can get them from Will Turner at Turner Motorsport or Bekkers in Atlanta _at_ $ 195 each. Even the street cruisers will like these once they discover them as they have the ///M logo embossed in the aluminum hub. Will tells me there have been no reports of warping these rotors, so maybe its the solution once and for all.

Off to O'Fest!!! Over 300 BMWs registered for the auto-x....vrmmmmmmm....

Duane Collie
'95 M3
Nat. Cap. Chapter

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