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From Sat Jul 17 15:39:50 1999
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 18:38:55 EDT
Subject: <E36> Lets keep the E36 jack points on the car

The E36 jackpoints fall off the car. Silicone did not work for me keeping them on. While coming up with a Tru-Cut JS3 jackstand adapter for the Z3/E46 I noticed a few things. The Z3 jackpoints have two E36 like grab points versus the E36 one grab point.

On the '00 Z3 they use the same jack point (in shape) screwed into nylon inserts in the car body. So, evidently the two grab points did not work either.

The E46 uses a jack point (opening) similar to the Z3. The E46 jack point has a single grab point just like the E36. In addition it also has a plastic pin that goes up between the two tabs of the grab point from below to keep it in place.

If you drill a 9 mm hole through the center of your E36 jack point, along with a chamfer, you could use the locking pin from the E46 jack point to keep the E36 jack point in place.

I used a 11/32 inch drill. Enlarge to size by turning a tapered round file that fits the hole. I used a 90 degree countersink along with a 100 degree one testing the fit as I went.

To solve the E36 water in the jack point problem, the E46 jack point also added a rubber seal, I assume, to keep the water out. You could add an O-ring to the E36 one, but I did not.

The part number for the E46 jack point is 51 71 8 233 281 which retails for $3.75. $2.81 from Stephen. I just installed the modified E36 prototype jack point on my ti and it works. FLY BMW Marlborough, CT

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