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From digest.v6.n273 Mon Feb 24 23:49:55 1997
From: Corey Rosen <>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 22:30:47 -0800
Subject: Re: Creaking noise from clutch pedal

> From: (Christian Lee)
> Date: Mon, 24 Feb 97 10:47
> Subject: Creaking noise from clutch pedal
> Form: Internet Memo
> Text: (7 lines follow)
> I've been experiencing some creaking sound - like a door hindge in need of
> lubrication - every time I depress the clutch pedal. Is this a problem
> that can easily be fixed, or do I need to seek professional assistance?
> Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
> '93 325is
> Christian Lee
Funny you should ask, my '94 325is had exactly the same problem you describe. In trying to fix this malady my dealer did the following:

        -adjusted clutch pedal 
        -lubed clutch pedal (3 separate times)
        -bled and replaced slave cylinder
        -replaced pedal support
        -bled and replaced slave cylinder again

all of which was useless. The pedal support change was at the advice of the rep from BMW Canada. The eventual solution was to drop the transmission and "replace ball pin for clutch release arm and also sand pivot area that pin rotates in"
parts were as follows:

        21-51-1-223-366 E36 release bearing
        21-51-1-223-328 E36 ball pin
        25-11-1-221-849 E34 guide pin

Voila, no more squeak!

Hope this helps

Corey Rosen
'94 325is
'95 318i

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