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From digest.v7.n184 Thu Aug 28 12:57:57 1997
From: John Firestone <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 15:27:11 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: E36 options list (long)

For those who are interested, here are the option codes off the German market price list. I have also added what few U.S. market option codes I know of.

John Firestone
'96 318is

012 Sports package (U.S.)
026 Sports package (U.S.)
027 Premium package (U.S.)
028 Sports package (U.S.)
029 Premium package (U.S.)
030 Premium package (U.S.)
031 Sports package (U.S.)
081 Sports package (U.S.)
082 Premium package (U.S.)
133 Sports package (U.S.)
134 Roll over protection system (U.S. cabriolet)
205 Heated front seats and mirrors (U.S.)
208 Active package (U.S.)
209 Limited slip differential
214 ASC+T (All season traction)
235 Trailer hitch
240 Leather covered airbag steering wheel
246 Tiltable steering wheel
255 Leather covered airbag sports III steering wheel
270 205/60 R15 steel wheels
277 Double Spoke Style alloy wheels (except compact)
282 Spoke Style II alloy wheels
282 Sports Spoke II alloy wheels
283 BMW II Style alloy wheels
285 BMW Styling alloy wheels (compact)
286 BMW Styling alloy wheels
287 Sports Spoke Style alloy wheel (coupe/cabriolet)
292 Cross spoke style allow wheel (except compact)
292 Spoke Style alloy wheels
296 Classic alloy wheels (except compact)
302 Alarm system with remote control
305 Door lock remote control
314 Heated outside mirrors (except compact)
315 Rear windshied wiper and heated mirrors (compact)
320 Omit rear model number
325 M Rear wing (compact)
337 M sports package
341 Fully painted bumpers and side skirts
354 Green band windshield
362 Electric rear vent windows (coupe)
380 Preparation for painted hard top (cabriolet)
386 Load leveling (touring)
395 Rollover protection system (European cabriolet)
398 Electric cabriolet roof
399 Automatic cabriolet roof
401 Electric sunroof
410 Electric front windows
411 Electric front and rear windows
413 Trunk cargo net (touring)
415 Mechanical rear sun screen (limo)
423 Velour foot mats
428 First aid kit + warning triangle
431 Self-darkening inner mirror
438 Wood trim (except compact)
440 No-smoker package
441 Smoker package
458 Electric seat positioning
464 Ski sack (except coupe)
465 Through loading (folding) rear seats
469 Built in rear child seat (touring/compact)
473 Front seat arm rest
481 Sports seats
488 Lumbar support for driver and front seat passenger
494 Seat heating
497 Rear seat arm rest (limo)
502 Headlight washers (except compact)
505 Headlight washers (compact)
508 Park Distance Control
520 Front fog lights
528 AUC / automatic A/C recirculation control (except compact)
529 Microfilter
530 Air conditioning (compact)
534 Digital climate control system (except compact)
540 Cruise control
542 Check control (except compact)
550 OBC (compact)
554 OBC V (except compact)
556 Outside temperature display (except compact)
629 Car telephone, German D-Network
651 BMW Reverse RDS cassette/radio
658 BMW Professional RDS CD/radio
668 BMW Reverse RDS cassette/radio
669 BMW Business RDS cassette/radio
670 BMW Professional RDS cassette/radio
672 CD changer (except compact)
674 Harmon Kardon ("super premium") hi-fi system
676 Hi-Fi ("premium") loudspeker system
686 Diversity antenna system
690 Cassette holder
694 CD player prewiring (U.S.)
704 M sports suspension
710 Leather covered airbag M steering wheel
755 Open air canvas roof (compact)
757 M sound package (compact)
758 Luxury package (compact)
773 Extensive wood trim (except compact)
783 M3 double spoke style wheels
806 Third brake light
856 California package (U.S.)
971 Exclusive package
972 Comfort package
982 Painted hard top (cabriolet)

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