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From digest.v7.n1877 Mon Jun 15 06:42:27 1998
From: "Sergio Mastronardi" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:14:31 -0400
Subject: Robert Bentley E36 Service Repair Manual - Status - Group Purchase Database


It's been a long wait, and we are almost there. The new dates have been pushed to late summer (probably late August). Let's all hope that this long wait will in return produce a more complete/detailed E36 repair manual.

For those who are new to the digest or not aware about the Group purchase for the E36 manual, I'm building a group purchase database so I can purchase 100+ manuals and pass the discount to all of us. If you're interested please email me a note, and further instructions will be sent only 1-2 weeks prior to release of service manuals.

For those that are already part of the database, or not sure, please feel free to resubmit an email. I will filter out all duplicates. Since my crash in mid 97 and rebuilding process, I'm still missing aprx 20 members.

Some FAQ's:

Q. Which models of E36 will it cover?
  1. At this time they still do not have final list of models, but it will cover US & Canadian models.
  2. What information do you need in your database?
  3. For now, I simply want name and email, as date approaches, you will all be instructed to provide me more details on ship to address and method of payment.
  4. How much will it cost?
  5. Since RB, has not officially released manual, List price is still not available. Discount should be 25-35 points off list. List price should be anywhere from 49 to 59. If list is lower, then we'll save more $$.
  6. How is the payment going to be handled?
  7. Pick a sunny afternoon and drive up to my place for beer and drop the cash :)) I will choose a method that is simple and efficient - for now, I'm considering payments prior to ship, if you have better ideas, I'm open. More details will follow.
  8. Is the manual better than Haynes or Chiltons.
  9. Robert Bentley is known for the most complete/detailed manuals with lots of diagrams to help DIY's to figure out where to go. They also have the best repair manual for previous BMW models.
  10. Can you add my name for the 5 series manual?
  11. No problem, RB should give same discount based on volume purchase, If I have any problems with RB, you will be notified.
  12. Again, what will it cost <g>?
  13. Since RB has not completed the manual, the price is still up in the air. Here are thier other prices, you should guess the new E36 manual price! ... 3 series 84-90, 528 pages at 44.95 (more popular) ... 5 series 82-88, 548 pages at 59.95 ... 5 series 89-95, 672 pages at 69.95

Sergio Mastronardi

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