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From digest.v7.n63 Wed Aug 6 21:41:51 1997
From: "David Flogaus" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 21:43:07 -0400
Subject: Valentine One Mounting - E36 Trick

Rob and digesters (or is that digestors?):

In my car, I mounted the detector to the immediate right of the rear view mirror.
The viewing "lens" on the front peers out just below the line of blue tint at the top of the windshield, and the rear view lens has an unobstructed view to the posterior.

These unobstructed views are important for maximum detection range.

As for the direct wiring:

The little lights that illuminate the coin holder and ashtray are not a 12V source, and the wiring for the lighter while 12V is buried under the complicated console, which I was not about to start tearing apart.

With some extra live wire (some splicing with heat shrink), you can stealthily run the live wire direct to the positive post on the battery in the trunk.

Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go.... (Under passenger rear floor mat, to carpet seam immediately in front of rear seat (under knee), to right of rear seat cushion, between side seat back and passenger side 50% folding rear seat, under trunk carpet, and right to RED positive terminal on battery with a nice soldered connector on the bolt that holds positive lead on battery (Without disconnecting RED cable on battery!!!!)

Thankfully, the ground wire lives happily under the passenger side rear seat bolt closest to the center trans hump, with no additional wire splicing.

This, of course, demands that the central power block (modular FEMALE twin receptacle) lives nestled between the center console, and the passenger front seat. (Does not get screwed up by fore and aft seat adjustment!)

        ------When fishing and tucking the smooth cord, be sure to estimate the
length you will need and        dummy it up as you go before replacing panels and
fasteners... It suck to get to the end and be 3         inches short of the


The wiring can be tucked neatly under the lip edge of the console and is run to the panel section under the glovebox.

Believe it or not, there are actually a few visible fasteners in the under dash paneling that allow you to place the long (un-curly) power cord in the dash concealed from view. Finesse the wiring up into there, running it over to the passenger door.

The wire can gracefully exit the under-dash, and the tucked along the stripping that seals the dash against the body. THE HARD PART IS OVER...

The panel that covers the pillar from dash to headliner can be gently pulled off without harming the fasteners. Get the wire on the inside of this to make it pop out at the headliner.

>From there, the smooth wire is thin enough to be pinched and held in
position by the gap between windshield and headliner, over to the prescribed location for the detector.

Similar idea for getting the other wire to the concealed display on the ledge on the instrument cluster for ultimate stealth...

Boy, that was harder to type than it was to perform!

Good Luck,

Dave Flogaus
Delaware Valley Chapter Newsletter Editor

1995 Silver M3

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