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From: Ron Stygar <>
Subject: Lets tissue holder my '96 328is photo 2 Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 00:20:41 EST

I got tired of the tissue box bouncing around in the rear passenger side footwell. My idea is a result of looking at the '97 AG accessories catalog.

Tissue Holder

I was unsuccessful in trying to obtain this item, so I decided to make my own.

Tissue Holder

Here we go:

I used a Kleenex box as a template for the top oval opening. I made the unit out of 4mm 3 ply Lauan plywood which is a common underlayment for vinyl flooring. The advantage of Lauan is that it has no voids.

The outside dimensions of the holder with the vinyl attached are height 3 1/2 inches. Width 4 7/8 inches. Length 4 9/16 inches. These dimensions are relative to the cars height width and length. The bottom is mainly open with 3/4 inch strips glued at the bottom sides to give it a base and something to fold the vinyl over and attach to.

The only critical dimension is the front to back length. You want the front bottom edge to hit the ashtray assembly and the back edge to hit the front edge of the back seat. I cut the Lauan and glued together using a hot glue gun. You are making a box with an almost open bottom and a oval cut out in the top.

Once you have the box glued together, spray paint the inside with a flat black paint. You then stretch and glue on the naugahyde in the color of your choice. On the front I pulled in and glued the sides. I then folded over the top using a full width overlay. Since the back doesn't show you could use the method used when wrapping Christmas presents. Pull and glue in the sides and fold over the top using a 45 degree overlay. You cut open the top hole with triangular cuts. You then pull these triangular shaped pieces under and glue them in place.

I then attached a 3/4 inch tall by 2 1/8 inch wide 1/4 inch thick piece of wood to the back. Center it on the width and attach to the box so that the top of this piece is 1 11/16 above the box bottom. This is the unique hold it in place idea.

You can purchase small pieces of Lauan from Home Depot. The Naugahyde is available at any fabric store. You just remove the tissue from the cardboard box and install it in the box you just created. Its a nice one of a kind detail., FLI BMW, FLY BMW, Marlborough, CT
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