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From digest.v6.n299 Sat Mar 1 17:56:35 1997
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 11:35:01 -0500 (EST)
Subject: E36 Seat Cushion Swaps - TriFlow on E30

I posted awhile back how I switched left/right front seat cushions to even wear. The same procedure can be applied to sport seat/regular seat cushions at least for a 93 E-36. Go check with your dealer parts guy before you rip up your sport seat cushions - they are exactly interchangeable with the regular seat cusions. The cushions just snap into the frame with 4 clips. the seat frame is the same for both seats. You can either buy the cushions or find someone to trade. Check it out before you do surgery on your existing sport seat cushions.

I've have a tri flow twin tip on my E30 for about 9 months. Its been great - I installed it myself, everything fit fine and quality is good. Others haven't been so lucky. One serious word of caution on the B&B though, it is quite loud and resonaty when you lug it around stop and go traffic, but it really roars on the open road. Personally, I wouldnt put one on anything you'd use for family use or going out with others etc. i.e. I wouldn't put one on my 4 door E36 sedan, but for an iS used for fun its great. An added bonus is you can set of a whole row of parked cars alarms on a city street or parking garage if you're feeling naughty - that's how loud it is. Hoods UP

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