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From digest.v7.n259 Thu Sep 11 11:52:41 1997
From: "Greg Steinke (SJPO3)" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 09:13:26 -0700
Subject: <E36> Annoying rear deck screeching

Theo writes:
I have this very annoying screeching around the rear deck flat area (behind/around rear seats). Has anyone isolated it and found a fix for it? It
seems to me that it is coming from the area the rear folding seats meet the rear

The solution was posted a while ago by someone else (whose name escapes me). I did this last weekend, worked great. The foam tape on the top edge of the air duct is key. My deck seemed to have been assembled correctly, but still rattled. There's a lot of foam underneath the deck; that wasn't quite aligned correctly, which may have caused problems as well. I used 2-sided tape to put it back into position.

Remove the following items in this order:-

  1. Rear seat cushion. Pull up at front edge, then lift towards front

    of car.

  2. Rear seat side bolsters. Pull top edge towards front of car, then

    twist to disengage bottom hook.

  3. Locally lift the rear window seal and the door seal prior to removal

    of the following two items.

  4. Rear door trim panel (I know, wrong name 'cos there's no rear door!)

    Pull top edge towards center of car, then lift up.

  5. C pillar trim panel. Pull towards center of car, starting at top.

    This item can be tricky to refit correctly. The pegs are easily broken if care is not taken. Relocate the pegs furthest from you first.

  6. Plastic trim that clamps down the leading edge of the rear deck

    shelf - it is located by 4 pegs that have to be levered out. When refitting, remember to hook it back under the trunk access opening.

The shelf can now be lifted out. The usual source of rattles under this shelf are the wires that run underneath it. Secure them all with a hot glue
gun or equivilant. Also stick 3mm foam tape on the top edge of the air ducting
which contacts the underside of the shelf. That will shut it up tight. When refitting the shelf, ensure that the 4 tags are engaged correctly at
the point where it meets the base of the rear screen otherwise it will continue rattling. Refit parts in reverse order. Apply a little grease to
the seat cushion securing springs to aid refitting. I did all of the above
in order to fit my speakers but it is debatable whether all that work is justified in order to cure a "slight rattle", depends how keen you are.

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