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From digest.v6.n297 Fri Feb 28 20:45:19 1997
From: Nobuya Higashiyama <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 15:00:41 -0800
Subject: RE: <E36> M3 Sport Seat -- What a pain!

Thanks to all who have responded to my inquiry!

I just had the driver's seat re-contoured by an upholstry shop recommended to me by my BMW dealer. They took out the seat, stripped it, bent the "wings" back to widen the bottom, then reassembled the whole thing. 3 hrs work _at_$50/hr, not too bad.

The good news is that the seat is *much* more comfortable now. No more pain in my thighs, and the seat looks great; you can't even tell that it's been altered. Hurray!

The bad news is that the shop may have broken something in the process; the air bag light in the dash now stays lit. The car is going to the dealer for diagnosis in a few days. Because the dealer works closely with this shop, they said that they'll bill the upholstry shop directly if it's caused by something the shop did.

All in all, except for this last glitch, I'm very happy with the modification.

Nobuya Higashiyama
Microsoft Corp.

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Nobuya Higashiyama
>Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 1997 2:14 PM
>To: ''
>Subject: <E36> M3 Sport Seat -- What a pain!
>I'm an average-built 5'11" 210 lb, and I can't seem to get comfortable in my
>97 M3 with standard sport seat! The main problem appears to be the side
>bolsters on the seat cushion; they're contoured in such a way that the
>"wings" dig into my thighs. I've tried various adjustments, but to no avail.
> I've sat in other M3's and they all had the same problem.
>Has anyone else had similar problem with E36 M3 (I think 328 Sport Seat
>option uses the same)? Have you been able to get a remedy from your dealer
>and/or BMW NA? For now, I'm considering taking it to an upholstry shop to
>re-contour the frame to spread the "wings" to get me more room.
>Nobuya Higashiyama
>Microsoft Corp.

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