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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 08:11:06 -0500
Subject: [E36M3] Finding and Fixing Interior Squeaks and Rattles

Just thought I'd pass on a few tips on finding/fixing some interior sqeaks and rattles. Perhaps it's just the terrible Boston roads and cold weather causing all these to develop, but just in case you have some bugging you too, check this out:

First, hit the hardware store and pick up a couple packs of the self-adhesive little felt cushions in various sizes that are used for protecting floors from chair and table legs. Pick a color that will blend into your interior if you'd like, but you're really not going to see them.

Here's some of the squeaks and rattles that I found:

  1. glove compartment door rattling - fix by adding a couple of felt pads on the inside of the door, where the rubber bumpers touch it.
  2. split folding rear seat sqeaking over bumps - add the pads (thicker ones here) where the seat backs meet the rear deck-lid. You'll see the wear marks from all the rubbing.
  3. this last one was the hardest to find - a rattling coming from the passenger door area around the B pillar that occurred on every expansion joint. It turns out that it wasn't the door at all, but the pull handle on the passenger seatback, which allows you to gain access to the rear seat on the coupes. This fix involved holding up the seatback release handle and inserting felt pads into the slot where it moves, on the bottom and side contact areas. Also, the seat belt attachments point at the B pillar was rattling in any position other than the bottom most, so I just left it there.

The car is totally rattle and sqeak free now. Hope this helps some of you...

'98 M3/2 36K (JC soft. and intake, X-brace, Euro rotors + R4s, clutch stop, redline...)

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