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From Sat Jan 17 17:41:19 1998
From: Ron Stygar <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 20:39:44 EST
Subject: <E36,E36/5> Lets garage door opener my '96 328is & '97 318tis

328is Garage Door Opener 318ti Garage Door Opener 318ti Garage Door Opener Switches

The following describes how I went about remotely installing my dual garage door openers in my '96 328is and '97 318tis. If this is the only thing you are doing, it may not be worth the effort. I did this in conjunction with running the wiring for my VDO gauge package etc. Figure out what modifications you want to do. Take your car apart one time. This minimizes the possibility of damage.

Parts used :

  • Momentary Push-button Switches, (two red , two black) Radio Shack 275-1547, 4/$2.99. I used the red for the right hand door and the black for the left.
  • Red LED, Radio Shack 276-026 2/$0.99 and holder.
  • Radio Shack RSU11918042 5/$0.59. 500 ohm or greater resistor for LED.

Although this applies to my dual garage door opener, the idea is the same regardless of which opener you have. On the 328 and 318ti, I Velcro-ed the opener to the top of the air cleaner assembly under the hood. Access the opener and parallel the existing switches. In my case, I ran a three conductor cable into the cars interior. For the 328 I ran the cable following the existing cable runs through the firewall wiring compartment continuing through the opening where the main power leads run from the rear battery into the engine compartment on the passenger side. To access this area you have to remove the passenger side under dash panel, kick panel (where the speaker is) and pull the carpet back. I used a 10 inch #2 Phillips screwdriver to access the firewall compartment. Tape the cable to the screwdriver and push through, or push the screwdriver through, tape the cable and pull it through. On the ti there is a rubber access point just above the carpet point. Just puncture one of the dimples and push the cable through. On the ti you also have to remove the engine compartment mounted car battery and case. On both cars you have to remove the drivers side under dash panel. On the 328 I drilled, wired and mounted the switches to the blank switch panel at the left of the steering wheel next to the dash lighting dimmer control. I centered the switches 1/2 inch from the ends of the blank. I centered a red LED between the switches which connects to the instrumentation lighting (find the switch in the dark). The short lead of the LED is negative. You will have to add a 500 ohm or greater value resistor in series with one of the LED leads, depending on your brightness preference. On the ti there are three switch positions. I moved the ASC switch to the middle. I drilled the blank, mounted, wired the switches and LED. I installed in the right most position. Back down to the end of your driveway. Push the switch/switches. If the garage door/doors open, put everything back together. Good Job!

p.s. Taking things apart on the 328is (without damage) is not that obvious. Taking things apart on the 318tis is much easier. If you need further direction, let me know., FLI BMW, FLY BMW, Marlborough, CT
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