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From digest.v7.n525 Sat Nov 1 19:34:19 1997
From: Milos Klacko <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 14:44:13 -0500
Subject: CARBON FIBER shifter console coming soon & 97 cupholders - WAIT A SECOND!!

Our friend Ben Mr. ALLBMWLINKS writes: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Just got my *new* cup holder from Jason at Zionsville Autosport for my '96 M3.
For all you other '95-'96 M3 owners, this is the unit (huh, huh...I said

"unit") that has the two cupholders, coin holder, and ashtray all in one.
'97 M3 cars have a modular setup, allowing you to move the cup holders (both
of them), change holder, and ash tray in whatever position you want. The cup
holders don't use those dumb "donuts" to size down, but rather a cool system
better seen than explained.
Whoever wanted that stupid donut ring, you can have mine. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hold yr horses fellas!!!
before you guys start 'swapping frenzy' for 97 cupholders you should consider the fact that as I am dealing w/ my CF stuff including the trim for the cupholder, I've heard from many 97 owners who at one point also owned an E36 (95-96), that they SPILLED their drinks from the new cupholders. In fact, quite a few of them got rid of their 97 holders and went back to the older style, despite the fact that the 97 style is looking better and also material looks better. Remember, I am just sharing the info and not trying to cut down enthusiasm of our friend Ben. (BTW, for those who are new to the Digest, make sure to bookmark his web will be the only bookmark you will ever need if you want to surf the net for any BMW info. Ben , what is now 7-800links??)

Ok, Ok I hear your screaming : "why a cup holder in BMW ( even more in M3)???"
I DON'T care what you is my car. When I go to the driving school at Sebring, there are days when I can not go a night before and stay in the hotel. Therefore, I have to get up at 4AM on the day of the school and drive there. Trust me, you don't want to deal with me if I did not have my cup of coffee :-)
BTW, is there a good cupholder for E30? I just bought 85 325 for my daily abuse.

On a different subject:
After a long time of waiting and unsuccessful development of CF shifter console for E36 cars I may have a solution. ( big THANKS for a tip is also due to our Pizzafest Chairman Duane)

In about 2 weeks I will have the samples of CF shifter consoles (2dr & 4dr) made by a very well known German tuner. After I see them, the decision will be made if I will be buying airline tickets to Germany to negotiate further and also buy a first bunch of them. If there will not be a drastic change in the exchange rate of U$ dollar and DM, the price will be in the neighborhood of 1/2 of what BMW is asking (MSRP) for their CF console in M3 LTW. I know....still a serious chunk of cash, but a "great deal" if you consider how much they want just for their burlwood console. I understand that the color will be "classic" CF in gray/black. My guess is, that this is going to be a big hit with the Digest and Roundel crowd (dare I say "maybe even some US tuners and BMW dealerships ??") , do not spend all your $$$ for the X-mass gifts just yet :-) Oh, one more thing, please hold all your requests for "custom CF applications"...I really can not do anything right now. Between my job that takes me away for 1-2 weeks at a time and the recent "CF heat/turbulence shield happenings" and now possibly the CF console will be tough, and I appreciate your patience. always thanks for the bandwidth.


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