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From digest.v6.n891 Thu Jul 17 14:41:22 1997
From: Ephraim Fithian <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 09:17:23 +0100
Subject: re: <E36 M3> Cracked windshield

Andy writes:

>I had spoken to two dealers already and they both want 500+ for the job
>of replacing the E36 M3 windshield. So my question is, does anyone know
>of a good independent shop in Southern Cal that charges somewhat
>reasonale rate for the thing? I know this is no Chevy, but come on, 500+
>bucks for a damn winshield?

Check your insurance. This should be covered under comprehesive and will not give you a surcharge on your insurance. Of course, if your deductible is $500... Your insurance company will probably recommend a specific place to have your windshield replaced. You do not need to go there, if they don't install factory BMW windshields. Tell them you want what it says in your policy - like kind and quality. Ask them if the car came with the non-BMW windshield. If they still balk, tell them you are filing a complaint with the insurance comissioner. The comissioner won't support you, but the insurance company will have to fill out a ton of forms, and this may convice them to get the BMW windhield.

The BMW windshield that was replaced on my E39 was about $500. It was installed in Canada.

Ephraim Fithian <> 92 E36 325i 5-speed 84k, 97 E39 528i 5-speed 24k. Previous 78 530i 4-speed 192k, 84 318i 5-speed 18k, 85 535i 5-speed 117k, 95 530i 5-speed 24k. BMWCCA, NMA, Macintosh, Eastern PA.

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