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From digest.v7.n1479 Wed Apr 8 19:28:29 1998
From: "Carl Buckland" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 14:42:37 +0000
Subject: T Hooks for Trailer Towing

A very good friend has done his homework on the proper way to tie down your BMW when transporting it on a trailer. As soon as I get his permission, I will post his name, as he might be willing to send them out to interested parties. Here is what he said:

> Hi gang,
> Sorry to dredge up an old topic, but I have come to what for me is
> the definitive solution and think it may help many of you as well.
> After weeks of research (I know, some people take longer than others
> ;-) I've found the ever-elusive "T-hook" -- the only factory
> authorized method of securing a 3-series to a trailer or flatbed
> truck for towing.
> It is the device BMW uses when shipping their cars by boat or truck.
> (They use another method when shipping by rail, but that's another
> equally boring story.
> The T-hook fits into the opening in the chassis covered by the
> "jacking pads" just behind the front wheels and ahead of the rear
> wheels. Just pop off the pad (if they haven't already fallen off),
> insert the T-hook, attached your tie-down straps or chains to the
> open end of the hook, and cinch down the chassis.
> I use one tie-down strap for each T-hook, crossing them to D-rings
> on either side of the trailer fore and aft. An alternate method is
> to use a sling between each front and rear pair of hooks and a
> single strap from the sling to the trailer fore and aft. In either
> case you'll need four hooks.
> I used them this weekend for the first time and they were a delight.
> It now takes me less than 4 minutes to secure the car to the
> trailer. And knowing I'm using the "factory" method does offer some
> peace of mind.
> If anyone is interested in buying some through me, let me know.
> I'll sell extra sets for( ) plus shipping, which will pay me about
> 50 cents an hour for my research and leg work. You may be able to
> find them in your area for less if you don't want to see
> me get rich off them. <vbg>
> Lemme no,

  • Deleted 3 quoted line(s) ------

Hi Bimmerheads,

I used the T hooks this weekend, and it made a hard and sometimes unnerving (I always wondered if tying to my subframe or whatever was going to hold the car, or if it was going to be an unmaned M3 going down the freeway ) job a piece of cake.

You place the T hooks in the jack holes (under the car), clip in some webbing, cinch down the webbing with a webbing-wincher (I guess that is what it is called!), and your prized car is safely tied to the trailer.

Tying to the frame brace, subframe, wheels, or anything else is dangerous and unpredictable.

Even if you don't have a trailer, I would think that a set of these T hooks should be stored in your trunk, in the event that you need to get towed (on a flat bed, of course). If Joe Tow Truck puts you up on the flat bed, make him tie in to the T hooks.


ps the cost for 4 T hooks is less than $50. My friend will sell them for less, and it includes a very concise set of instructions, which themselves are worth a few bucks

Carl Buckland
Salt Lake City, Utah
FAX 801-531-6690

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