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From digest.v6.n785 Thu Jun 19 08:12:25 1997
From: (Phil Marx)
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 10:51:22 -0500
Subject: re: 325ic Touch-up Painting

Robert Goldstein asked:
> First, the grey paint that runs
>along the rocker panels on the sides is fading and you can see the white
>coming through. The dealer will charge me $150 to paint them grey again
>and $300 to paint the entire bottom border white, ala' 328ic. I
>actually like the grey and just want to repaint the sides. The dealer
>told me that the paint the use is actually in a can and called "Bumper
>Coat." It is made by Windsor corporation and you can buy it from parts
>suppliers. Does anyone have experience using this product? Where can I
>get a can? Any reccomendations?

The original paint is available from BMW in 400ml spray cans. It comes in two colors although I've seldom seen an application for the lighter of the two.

Dark Grey Spray: 51 91 1 052 178
Light Grey: 51 91 1 052 177 about $12/can last I looked.

It is a most forgiving spray paint which requires almost no surface prep and covers extremely well. One can will do several cars.

>Second, the passenger side interior door panel is "bubbling up." I
>guess the glue adhesive wore out due to the open air and sun. The
>dealer's only solution is replacing the entire door panel for $300.
>Does anyone have a reccomendation on how to fix this or find a cheaper
>alternative than the dealer's option?

I don't like to be a "squeeky wheel" but BMW replaced so many of those panels under warranty, and not just in convertibles. It would not hurt to give Customer Relations a call or ask your dealer for an appointment to speak to an area Service Rep for "participation" in the replacement of the defective panels. Are you out of warranty? Just be nice and consider any consideration a gift.

>Finally, I used to have a K&N air filter element on my SAAB 900t........

I'm not opening that can of worms again.

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