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From Sun Jan 25 16:14:51 1998
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 19:13:26 EST
Subject: <E36><E36M3><E36/5> Mud Flaps revisited

318ti Front Mud Flaps

When I purchased my '96 328is, I also purchased the front mud flaps # 82 16 9 402 979 $28.00 retail. Back then they were $60 +. They did not fit my '96 E36 with painted side moldings. They will probably fit the pre '96 E36 325 without painted side moldings (I havenít been there). BMW has finally addressed this issue with part # 82 16 1 470 176 which retails for $64.00. These flaps will fit the front of any E36 with painted side moldings such as my '96 328, my '97 318ti and the '95 and later M3.

318ti Rear Mud Flaps Mud Flaps Mud Flaps Mud Flaps Mud Flaps Mud Flaps

The rear mud flaps part # 82 16 9 402 980 which retail for $38.50 will fit the '96 and later 328 and '95 and later M3 with painted side moldings. My '97 ti with painted side moldings uses part # 82 16 9 402 842 which retail for $38.50. The mud flaps come complete with the necessary mounting hardware (almost). The instructions are complete and they are relatively easy to install, especially if you remove the rear wheels. There are no holes to drill. The instructions recommend reusing an existing screw for the front flaps. This screw is not long enough to accommodate the thickness of the added flap. I happened to have one that worked in my miscellaneous box., FLI BMW, FLY BMW, BMWCCA 15924
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