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From Sun Sep 10 00:30:16 2000
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 22:27:03 EDT
Subject: Lets chrome windshield washer nozzle any E36 plus

The Z8 roadster comes with chrome heated windshield washer nozzles. I ordered a set to see if they would fit my '00 Z3 M coupe. All E36's plus some other models (E34, E32) share the same windshield washer nozzle opening in the hood. The electrical connections vary some, with cars of the same model and year using different ones. I've included part numbers for the connectors and pins that will match the Z8 nozzles. So no matter what connectors you have, you can just plug in or replace the connectors you have to match the Z8 ones.

The Z8 nozzles fit the holes in the hood but are sloppy depending on the nozzle variation. On my car the stock pasenger nozzle fits loosely and the drivers side one is tight. The hole variance in the hood holes, is slight based on the few cars I checked. On the first set, I installed in a friends car, we used a small dab of hot glue to hold them in place. While aligning them and pushing down on them so that they sit flush with the hood surface, hot glue them in place from below on the sides. This works much better with two people. (He recently let me know that the hot glue loosened up and he wants to go with the clips, see below)

So people wouldn't have to do this, I mentioned to Richard Mix that we could come up with an adapter clip, basically a rectangular hole within a rectangle. He took it from there and came up with an adapter clip set with some front to back tabs. He further refined it to include some side to side tabs too. The thickness of the clip takes out any up and down play.


     2 each Nozzle 61 66 8 380 122 $28.75 retail each
     3 each Clamp 16 13 1 379 229 $0.65 retail each
     1 each Hose (1 meter) 61 66 1 357 388 $5.70 retail
     2 each Mix clips $20.00 retail per set

If needed:

     2 each Plug housing 61 13 8 365 340 $1.75 retail each
     2 each Contact 61 13 0 005 199 $1.00 retail each 
     2 each Contact 61 13 0 006 665 $1.00 retail each
     X Hood pad fasteners 51 48 1 915 964 $0.30 retail each

Connect to: for related info. The following is unique to the Z8 nozzles.

Unfasten the hood pad. The fasteners unscrew using a Phillips screwdriver. Unscrew just enough so that you can pull out the fastener base and screw as one assembly. Placing a sheet over the engine compartment keeps you from losing the hood pad fasteners. Install the same way and push in, or screw in the screw.

The Mix clips go under the hood. Install the nozzle in the hood opening. Install the Mix clips on the nozzles with the tabs on the clips facing forward and upward.

The Z8 nozzle hose connection faces the front of the car instead of the (stock) passenger side. Remove the right angle adapter on the passenger side and install it on the drivers side Z8 nozzle. I use 4 inch diaganol cutters to remove and install the hose clamps. Replace the ~ two inch long hose on the passenger side with an ~ 3 inch long one.

We offer a kit which includes two nozzles, 3 hose clamps, a short piece of hose and the Mix clips.

This kit sells for $80.00 shipping included., FLI BMW, FLY BMW, Marlborough, CT
Unofficial RS/SS bender/shortener/installer +

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