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From Sat Sep 27 21:51:56 1997
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 00:51:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: <E36/5> Lets M3 Mesh the lower grille on my '97 318ti Sport

318ti Grill
318ti Grill

Having the BMW dakar yellow M3 poster on my bedroom wall for a couple of years, has made me partial to the look of the M3 lower mesh grille. The lower grille on my bright red '97ti just doesn't look right to me. The horizontal slats just stick out too much from the throat. Maybe if you blacked out the vertical bars, it would look ok. I don't think so. I decided to order the M3 mesh grille insert part # 51 11 2 250 685 $65.85 retail. I also purchased 8 spring nuts part # 64 11 1 364 257 $0.35 retail each in case they broke when I removed the stock insert. The grille comes in a matte black color like the other mouldings on the car. As expected, it fit perfectly. Black looks good on my bright red car. You could also make it body color like the BMW poster. Purchase from your favorite supplier.

Here we go. The following is how I did it. Using a 8mm socket, I removed both black plastic pieces under the fog lights (four bolts each). The black plastic piece under the grille is secured with two 8 mm bolts on each side. Do not mix these bolts up with the other ones. They are slightly shorter. I used a right angle stainless steel pick to remove the push-on spring nuts. Be patient, taking care not to break the plastic studs they are mounted on. The separate end flaps on the stock grille are incorporated in the new grille. Clean and wax the throat area. Put the grille in place and secure with the push-on spring nuts. I pushed them on using the 8mm socket. Clean and install the black plastic pieces. Looks good., FLI BMW, FLY BMW, BMWCCA 15924
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