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From digest.v7.n587 Thu Nov 13 23:56:09 1997
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 20:44:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Tar Cleanup

Since, I own a company that specializes in Asphalt placement. I figured I would let you guys and gals in on a cheap and easy clean up procedure.

Non EPA followers... This is the technique for cleaning tar and asphalt for years but, does not follow the stringent EPA guidelines. Soak a rag in Diesel and apply to area intended for cleaning, liberally. Let soak a few minutes and then wipe like you were using a turtle wax product. This will not harm your paints or metals! Diesel is one of the products of Crude Oil, along with, > Gasoline, refined oil, and last but not least liquid asphalt ( asphalt emulsion (AC); aka....TAR). Best to do the above procedure in 90 deg. or higher Temp. This will help to liquify the tar and help to rub it off.

Now for the EPA version... Since the EPA likes to give us Road Builders a hard time about Diesel's and Oils. I have my crews carry a product called Solvall. It is EPA certified and does a good job. It will take off Asphalt Tar & Asphalt Pavement, greases, and worst of all... Driveway Sealers. This is the only product I have found that will remove Sealer from auto finishes, or any other finishes for that matter. It takes a little elbow grease but does the trick!
Not even Diesel will remove Sealer that has already dried. Now supposedly you can spray this stuff on what you are cleaning and let it set. Then hose off... But most of the time, our guys have to rub it on the trucks to get the tar & sealers off!

Solvall is distributed by Emulsco Corporation - 716-854-2889

BTW....  gallon of diesel in Ohio -  $1.10      gallon of Solvall - $~18.50
              can of Tar and bug Remover 10oz - $~3.00?

You make the Choice!

Elia Barbicas
Northern Ohio Chapter
95 M3

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