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The StonGard FAQ


[INLINE] Installation?

     [INLINE] Installation is best when applied by a trained
     professional although many do-it-yourselfers have had great
     success. To install StonGard, a mixture of 25% rubbing alcohol and
     75% water is sprayed on the clean vehicle surface as well as the
     adhesive side of the StonGard. This fluid allows the installer to
     position the StonGard to the vehicle without bonding immediately.
     Additionally, the alcohol allows the adhesive to flow out and
     become crystal clear. Once in position, a firm plastic squeegee
     with a low friction sleeve is used to squeegee out the excess fluid
     and bond the StonGard to the surface.

[INLINE] Install without bubbles?

     [INLINE] StonGard is extremely durable and in most cases, if
     bubbles are noticed during installation, the StonGard can be pulled
     up to the bubble, rewet, and reapplied. The exceptions to this are
     when the StonGard adhesive has been in contact with the paint for
     too long and especially when it is very warm out (i.e. over 80
     degrees F.) In these cases there is a risk of blemishing the
     adhesive. Even the best installers sometimes get bubbles and for
     this purpose, a piercing tool is included with every retail kit.
     The tool pierces a small, unnoticeable hole though the StonGard and
     allows the fluid to escape.

[INLINE] Removal?

     [INLINE] StonGard is completely removable without causing damage to
     the finish of the paint. It is so strong it will not tear apart
     when pulling it off, it will come off in one piece. In most cases
     it will come off cleanly without leaving behind any adhesive.
     However, when adhesive does remain behind, it is easily cleaned off
     with 3M( General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner which will not harm cured
     paint. Once removed, StonGard is not reusable.

[INLINE] Effect on Paint?

     [INLINE] StonGard does not bond so firmly that it would damage
     paint if removed, given the paint is properly bonded to the surface
     it was applied to. Factory paint and properly applied repaints will
     not be harmed. Warning: StonGard can pull off paint that was
     improperly applied.

[INLINE] Effect of Sun?

     [INLINE] StonGard has UV screens built in to protect itself from
     damaging ultra-violet light. The sun will not damage the StonGard
     or the paint that the StonGard is covering.

[INLINE] Wash and Wax?

     [INLINE] StonGard is made from urethane and so are most automobile
     paints. StonGard will react to waxes just like your paint reacts to
     waxes. We recommend you wash and wax your StonGard with your car as
     if it wasn't even there.

[INLINE] Hot and Cold?

     [INLINE] StonGard was specifically designed to protect the painted
     surfaces of vehicles in ALL climates. Although StonGard must be
     installed at temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees F., once
     applied, StonGard is not effected by extreme temperatures.

[INLINE] OEM Used and Approved?

     [INLINE] The material that StonGard is made from is used and
     approved by many major automobile manufacturers and is sometimes
     used in various applications on factory cars.

[INLINE] Shiny or Dull?

     [INLINE] StonGard has a shiny surface. When we have displayed this
     product in auto shows, we've had to put arrows on the car pointing
     to the edge so people could see it. Without the arrows, most
     passers by didn't even think the StonGard was on the car. Even with
     the arrows, some people couldn't find the edge without touching the
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