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From digest.v5.n113 Thu Aug 15 11:37:03 1996
From: (Barry Sanders)
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 11:42:36 -0600
Subject: DIY: Paint Experiences

I'm performing rust control on my 633CSi. It didn't look bad at all: Just a couple of tiny spots with rust bubbling through. But upon removal of the fenders, more rust has been found. (If you think your 6-er's front fenders look fine, look again.) This is going to require some paint.

The body shop said $300 to spray the paint (no body work). Local auto paint suppliers said minimum of $120 for the necessary paint, hardeners, reducers, primers, etc. (Plus a $300 compressor and paint gun.) I'm painting less than 6 sq. inches of exposed fender, for chrissake! They all rolled their eyes at the mere mention of using spray-can primers and undercoating.

AFTER purchasing a nice 4HP DeVilbiss compressor, touch-up gun and accessories for a cool $300, I decided to call my local Bumper-to-Bumper franchise. They didn't give me major attitude, didn't snort openly at my non-professional status, and, most importantly - they offered to put custom-mixed DuPont acrylic lacquer (same as the body shops use) into a 12oz. spray can, pre-mixed and ready to spray, for $11. Eleven bucks! Problem *solved*.

I'm returning the unused compressor and spray gun today. I'll let you know how it goes with spray-can primer and undercoating.

'83 633CSi (sold my 325e :(

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