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From digest.v7.n867 Sat Jan 3 02:30:51 1998
From: Phil Marx <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 19:23:46 -0500
Subject: <E36> Visor Warning Label removal help and headlight polish

I know. We went over this recently in class and I wasn't paying attention. Now I just delivered a '98 M3/4, Estoril Blue, Rear Wing and both my customer and I think those warning labels are a bit too much. Could someone refresh my memory?

I'm not going to put us all through this again so private email is fine. I am also willing to offer a tip in trade for this transgression of asking for a repeat of a tip. For all you E36 owners in need of headlight cover cleaner:

Motorcycle Consumer News has an article on plastic polishes in its January '98 issue. If you are not familiar with this magazine, think of it as the street riders version of Consumers' Reports but published by enthusiasts, with no ads and in black and white. I recommend it. To sample it, go to

What was I saying? Oh yeah, the test of plastic cleaners and polishes introduced me to some new contenders. Each of the 8 products was tested for scratch removal on a piece of plexiglas which had had a 200 gram sled attached to fine and course sandpaper dragged over it. Oxidation removal was tested on a parking lamp lens from a 13 year old Toyota pickup, divided into 8 sections. Performance was recorded over a 5 minute application time. Ratings are based on 5 possible points. The "Best Buy" recommendation was for 3M plastic cleaner #39017 which recieved the highest score by far, lists for $9.95 for 8oz. and had a thick, paste-like consistancy. Oxidation removal scored 4.5 and light scratch removal scored a perfect 5. Meguiar's #17 scored 3.5 and 3 on the same test and did not even receive a "recommended" rating. The other "recommended" products were Novus #2 Fine Scratch remover (8oz. $6) (rated: 2.5/4) and Max Polishing Systems all Metals Polish System 1 (5oz. $12.95) (rated: 3/4).

The next test was of polishes for protection where our standby Meguiar's #10 Clear Plastic Polish was, as it's counterpart #17 cleaner, not rated "recommended", nor was the 3M Plastic Polish #39010 (Does anyone else find it interesting that the Meguiar's cleaner and polish combination is numbered "17" and "10" and the last numbers of the 3M products are also "17" and "10"?) Highest rated for Gloss, Protective Layer, and Clarity of the 5 catagories and 8 products tested were: Kleenmaster Brillianze Cleaner and Polish (rated: "Best Buy" at 5/4/4.5) from Zero Gravity Corp., Plexus Plastic Cleaner, Protecant and Polish (rated: 5/4/4) (both products from Agoura Hills, CA) and Can-Do multi-purpose cleaner/polish/protectant aerosol formula (rated: 3.5/4/3)

Long story short: I'm going to go out and find some 3M #39017. My previous best results were from using Zymol HD-Cleanse or Meguiar's #7 and finishing with Zymol Carbon wax for protection. This really works fine on the E36 headlights I've done. But I'm always willing to try something new.

Good luck, and don't forget to tell me how to remove those ugly air bag warnings

  • -Phil Marx BMWCCA #6021
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