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From digest.v7.n1339 Wed Mar 18 18:29:26 1998
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 14:12:26 -0800
Subject: RE: Stongard

I recently had the Stongard kit installed on my '95 318ti Club Sport, and know several other people who have it installed. From more than 3 feet away, it is invisible, and not obtrusive at all up close. I did ask the questions about care at the time of installation, the line created at the edges will collect wax, etc. over time. Try to wax or polish to within several millimeters of the joint, and remove any residue the same way you would from around any other crease. Soft tools, minimal rubbing, etc.

The pieces for my car cover: leading edge of the hood and fenders, the entire airdam (same as M3 luxo), the leading edge of the mirrors, and under the door handles, to protect against fingernail and ring scratches.

If you do decide to go the treatment, save the installer some headache, to wit: Don't Wax The Car. Polish is good, wax is bad. It will only have to come off anyway, and the product will adhere much better to clean, waxless paint.

IMHO, very easy to care for, damn near invisible, and no ugly vinyl bra covering the front of an otherwise good looking automobile. Protected the front end of the 145mph class winning E34 at last fall's Silver State Challenge, at sustained 165mph speeds. Ask me how I know, I was silly enough to be sitting in the right hand seat.

Stongard guarantees no chips with their product, unless you hit a deer.... sorry Duane. <g>.

Shawn Sullivan
'95 318ti Club Sport, Bright Red
San Diego, BMW CCA

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