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From digest.v7.n149 Thu Aug 21 06:41:21 1997
From: "Lane Auto Body - William Moltzan" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 00:19:25 -0500
Subject: clear coats

Clear coats are desirable, in fact preferred.

(Just purchased our first BMW. I was a BMW parts guy 79-81. I'm excited to be back. I'd forgotten how fun they were.)

At the risk of being pedantic, (Sorry, for those od you who know) let me explain how clear coat works.

A clear coat color is applied in two parts. The first coats contain the color (with metallics, if appropriate.) This application of color offers no gloss at all.

The gloss in a two-stage system comes from the clear coat. The clear coat is comprised of coats of (normally urethane-based) clear paint. The clear coat offers pleasant UV protection.

The question has been raised about the longevity of clear coat finishes. We just sold our 11.5 year-old Honda Accord, and the finish was still standing tall. Real tall. Polishing once a year, waxing 4 times a year.

Single stage(non-clearcoat) finishes are really hard for your collision repair shop to match or blend. One hopes that paint work will never be required. yet sometimes bad things happens.

Hope this is imfortative.

Bill Moltzan

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