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From Wed Mar 5 12:08:42 1997
with SMTP (Apple Internet Mail Server 1.1.1); Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:12:15 -0500
id <>; Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:04:05 -0500
From: "Koral, Joseph M." <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: RE: Car Covers
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:04:04 -0500

David J. Woehr wrote:

>> Anyway, I usually keep the car garaged (even have covered
>> parking at work) but it appears that I'll be doing some
>> traveling and will need to keep the outside. I considering
>> getting a car cover for these times.

Not trying to talk you out of a car cover, but you do realize that putting a car cover on a dirty car (one that has any kind of dust or road dirt) leads to scratches. It doesn't matter what the car cover is made out of, if there is foreign substance between the cover and your paint, a little movement by the cover (i.e. wind) will scratch the paint.

This is the same reason many people don't recommend using front end covers (i.e. car bras). They're OK for the occasional long trip where you put it on when the car is freshly waxed and take it off at the end of the trip. But if you leave it on all the time (especially through rain, etc), you end up doing more damage than it's worth.

Of course if you're take you car through automatic car washes, using a car cover isn't going to be nearly as bad as that.

  • joseph
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