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From digest.v9.n1281 Mon Nov 8 14:38:21 1999
From: "Manuel Paredes" <>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 10:08:09 PST
Subject: Water pump change summary

Hello all
This weekend I changed the water pump on my 95 325i and this is my summary. First of all the Craftsman 32mm open end wrench I bought from sears fit perfectly in the gap between the fan and water pump pully. The process was actually pretty simple thanks to all the help from you guys and the VERY good write up from Martin Miller. If you follow his instructions then you have nothing to worry about. They are pretty much on the money.(At least for my car) The only hard part is taking off that dreaded fan bolt and puttin it back on. I didn't have a open end torque wrench so I couldn't torque it to spec., but I don't think that baby is coming off anytime soon. I did bend the hell out of two allen wrenches though! (That was fun!) Removing the actual pump is VERY simple once you have all that other stuff out though. Just don't forget how each of the hose clamps go on each hose, especially the one right in front of the fan. I ask me why. ;-) In removing the hoses I found out that my top radiator inlet is rotting away so now I will need a new radiator soon (That's where it was leaking from for those of you who remember me asking). I am assuming the new radiator inlet is made out of aluminum or something other than plastic. The water pump impeller itself was in excellent condition when I removed it. No cracks or any signs of wear. It wasn't made out of the black plastic that everyone eles is talking about though. It is made of a orange type fiberglass material. But now at least I don't have to worry about it. It now has the metal impellar.
If anyone has any question about how to remove the pump or anything feel free to email me and ask, I'll try to help as much as I can.

Manuel Paredes
95 325i sharked, X-ed, M3mflrd

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