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From Thu Feb 10 07:49:27 2000
for <>; Thu, 10 Feb 2000 07:49:25 -0800
Subject: Re: [E36M3] Strong Gas Smell?
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 07:49:20 -0800

Suspect the fuel pump system. It's weak link is that the pump components entering into the top of the fuel tank are made of white plastic. The nipples that the fuel lines mount to are made of plastic. They often crack at the intersection of the nipple base/fuel sender top. You might not see a crack, but if you have a problem you will see fuel...lots of it... in a 1/2" deep puddle.

To diagnose:

  1. Remove your back just pulls out.
  2. Unscrew the left (driver's side) access panel to your fuel pump system components (right side is called "suction side", left side is "sender side" (silver about 6" round)...about three screws from memory
  3. Look for gas on top of fuel sender
  4. If gas is present, suspect plastic nipples at top of sender.
  5. If no gas found, do same on right side.

Don't smoke while doing this. I don't recommend doing the repair yourself...the # of labor hours isn't that much, vs. possibly getting a bad sender (& hassle of trying to return an installed part), not getting a warranty, not to mention the risk of blowing up.

  • Skip wrote:
> Hello All,
> My 95 M3 just developed a strage problem......there is a strong gas
> smell that seems to come from the right rear of the car(outside) and is
> sometimes obvios inside the car as well. It is not dependent on fuel
> level and was not brought about by any specific incident(other than cold
> weather?). The car runs fine, there doesn't seem to be a fuel leak and
> the gas lid seal looks good.
> Anyone have any thoughts? I want to take the car on a 4 hour trek up
> into the mountains this weekend but am concerned with the odor.
> Also, I have started to get a random "click" sound from behind the
> instrument cluster that is also new and not seemingly related to
> anything.
> TIA!
> Best Regards,
> Carl
> '95 M3
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