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Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 16:59:21 +0000
From: "Carl Buckland" <>
Subject: [E36M3] 100db Exhaust

I thought I would weigh into this "which muffler is best" thread. well, it isn't just about "what sounds best," but what FLOWS best. My friend Boyd Butler, who builds exhaust systems for nearly every one of the NASCAR teams, did some flow tests a few years ago, and came up with some surprising results: The Supersprint, although much quieter than the B&B or the Dynaflow (or a couple of other so called hi-performance mufflers), flowed better. That, to me, is the main criteria.

Now, as for sound. The continuous DIAMETER of the exhaust system is going to effect the overall sound as much as anything. Big diam. piping makes for a much deeper, throatier sound. It may also affect the torque curve, but this is something about which I have no data. I can only say that our car, with very large diameter Supersprint headers, Dr. Gas Syncronizing Crossover Pipes, and Supersprint muffler, has a very throaty sound, that is distinctive from any other BMW that I have heard. Want a big sound that doesn't make you deaf? Try Supersprint from tip-to-tail.

Want a REALLY load sound? Try the above, but when you are at a track that allows for it, remove your muffler altogether. Now THAT is loud! I don't know if the car really ran any stronger, but it sure sounded ferrocious, and when you are in tight quarters, fighting for a corner, size (of your bark) does make a difference. I had guys in very loud Porsches tell me that they could hear my car from way off. It only takes a few minutes of work, and it is fun, but wear your earplugs; I suspect that the Dbs are in the 100 range.


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