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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:33:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Dale Beuning <>
Subject: <e36> m3 valve tick - my experience

At 15k my 10/94 production M3 starting clacking something fierce on cold startup. It lasted aprox 5 minutes and was lout enough to echo off the houses of my neighborhood as I drove out in the morning. Prior to this, I had only experienced the normal 15 second tick on startup while the lifters pump up.

After several trips to the dealer (Camelback BMW in Phoenix), they finally agree to keep it overnight and check it out first thing in the morning. Now they agree there is something wrong but they have to have the N.A. regional rep. look at it.

They replaced several defective lifters after the regional rep heard the racket. That was at 18k. Now at 35k, it still starts quiet. I was running Castrol 20w50 then. I'm running Mobil 1 15w50 now.

On track days, I run 1qt over and I've never had a problem with tick.

If this happened to me when the car was out of warranty, I'd just live with it.

Dale Beuning
'95 M3 '90 K75RT '80 528i

> << So, other than tearing down the entire valvetrain and replacing the
> lifters, is there anything else to try? Do I just live with it? The car
> will be a weekend only ride soon as I'm closing the deal on a winter
> beater next week. Like I say, it runs great after a few minutes
> indicating that there's nothing broken in the valvetrain, just noisy
> lifters on cold startup. Suggestions? >>

> Do nothing; sooner or later they all do it. It's not indicative of any real
> valvetrain problem that's worth the cost of a teardown. However, I still
> hold to the learned belief that it's best to run 8.5 - 9 qts total (1.5 - 2
> qts. over) of low viscosity oil for autox use. I use Mobil 1 for general
> convenience and cost, but my ultimate preference is Amsoil 0W30. Some people

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