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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 22:17:52 -0400
From: "Paul Elliott" <>
Subject: Route More Air to that CAI!

This post may be self evident to alot of people, but if there are any Dinan CAI or Supercharger owners out there, and from the email I get, there are more than a couple, pay particular attention to this...I dont know if you agree with me, but I abhor the location of the Dinan K&N, and would much prefer an engine location. However if you DO have this CAI, I've taken some measures to get RADICALLY better performance out of it....I suspect this is more so because of the increased requirements of Forced Induced systems...So, here goes...

Every day, I come to a new appreciation how important routing AS MUCH FRESH AIR AS POSSIBLE to the cone in a forced induced system really is! Today, I had my dealer install a new brake duct. This time, I had him cut a 3" hole in the top, but just forward of the K&N cylinder. My plan was to route some 3" double faced duct hose from the mouth of the brake duct, up through the hole, and aim it right at the filter....It worked! I didnt have to take off any wheel well liners, or corner plates....Just put my hand inside the hose, and push it through, and up through the hole. Its a good friction fit. Then, I bought 2 fog light covers, and had the inside of one cut out, but for a 1/4" border. I then glued some car colored (alpine white) vinyl mesh inside the border, and mounted them in the vacant fog lamp holes ...( I'll save the fog lamps for the winter). So now, I have fresh air hitting it from the brake duct, fog lamp hole, and gaps above the bumper.

The point I want to make is the difference I could feel between driving the car after just the hole was made in the brake duct, to after I routed the hose to the filter and opened up the fog lamps was absolutely HUGE! And, Dinan does not even include a provision for making a hole in the brake duct! I pity all those guys who havent done this...Because without it, the filter is in a rather closed in compartment...Could hardly be called a Cold Air Intake at all...But with these few provisions taken, It pulls incredibly hard in each gear. It almost feels there's a difference of 50 horsepower! There's just no mistaking the difference. Should have put the gtech on it before the air upgrades....I'll certainly post some times now that its done!

Paul Elliott
'99 Alpine White M3; <15000 mi; Forged M dbl-spokes; Rotex pads; Dinan Stage II Supercharger
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