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Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 01:47:12 -0500 (EST) Subject: e36 airbox baffle

I performed this procedure on my 95 M3 (don't know if your box is exactly the same as mine, but here goes.)

First, remove your air filter. Then remove the airbox from the car. This is easy, just disconnect everything attached to it. The baffle you really want to take out is the "air silencer horn" which is located at the front of the airbox where the rear of the snorkle tube plugs in. This piece is held in with a clip. Just press it out. You will notice immediately how much larger the cross-sectional area of your intake has become.

The second "baffle" is on the downstream side of the box from where your filter sits. It looks like a large diameter tube molded into the plastic leading to the hose that attaches to the throttle body. I originally took this out, but then put it back several months later. The reason why is I got to examine a Dinan AirBox. The Dinan configuration is very similar to the stock box, but without the intake silencer we just removed. The second "baffle" in the box is retained in the Dinan design. I started thinking about this, and concluded that the second "baffle" really doesn't seem to offer a significant restriction anyway, and besides it might be some sort of "velocity stack" for the air flow. So I put the thing back. But if you want to remove it, here's how.

This piece appears at first to be molded right into the airbox, but it is not. It is also held in with clips and can be pulled free. Once you have it loose, the next problem is getting it out of the small slot in the air box. A chinese puzzle. I took a hack saw and made an "incision" lengthwise through the narrow part of the tube. Then you can work it through the slot in the air box. It will make sense once you see it in front of you.

I made this modification in conjuction with a K&N replacement filter, and the butt dyno did register a small improvement.

Ref your other question about routing a hose to the airbox--Bekkers sells the European M3 intake snorkle. This part incorporates an additional tube that extends down to the left brake duct and provides additional ram air to the air box. Don't know if it fits a 325.

I hope this helps. If there are more questions, just email me off line from the digest. Good luck!

Chris Darling 95 ///M3

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