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From digest.v6.n732 Wed Jun 4 10:33:30 1997
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 06:11:47 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: <E36>Light Bulb Switch-FINAL FIX!!

OK...using a combination of tips, I've FINALLY replaced the light bulb in my power window switch successfully and it looks almost perfect. First off, check this months Roundel for the Tech Tips article on details on how to remove and disassemble the actual switch. The article also tells you to buy Radio Shack Part number 272-1092 for $1.50 (two microbulbs that are identical to the factory bulbs in size, except they are clear as opposed to the factory orange. Get these bulbs.) Next step: As mentioned be a digester, you can attempt to color the bulbs with a Red marker. (best done AFTER you solder it in the switch..prevents you from rubbing the color off with your fingers. (oh yeah..RED plus clear kind of equals orange output, at least in this me..I tried orange and it didnt do much) Anyways, that worked pretty good...but the coup de gras was when I noticed a red, kind of clear plastic folder tab laying on my desk...I cut a small square of the red plastic, about the size of the bulb. Carefully placed it on top of the bulb, then carefully snapped the switch assy back together. (a dab of glue probably wouldnt have hurt). Plugged the switch back in, went into the garage, turned off all the lights, then turned on the car light switch to illuminate the dash/switches. Presto. Almost a perfect match!...I would say a 98% match. Damn cheaper than buying a brand new switch.

Ron Browne
1992 318is
Bowie, MD

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