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Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 21:33:34 -0700
From: Josh <>
Subject: Re: [E36M3] E36M3 Window/Sunroof Failure


You might want to check the comfort relay on your car. The cold solder joints inside this relay have been known to crack causing intermittent or total failure of the window and sunroof controls. The relay is located under the drivers side knee panel. The relay itself is near the steering column under (above) the knee panel fascia and is Blue in color (approx 1"X1"X1.5"). The part number for the relay as installed in the 98 M3 is 61 35 8 364 690 (list price $20.18). From my recollection the relay is next to a couple of other relays that are mounted in a black plastic bracket next to the left side of the steering column. Be sure to use a flashlight as you may encounter several relays and much darkness. However, there is only one relay in the area of the steering column that has 5 pins and is blue in color. Upon close inspection of the relay internals you should find cracked solder joints where the actual relay is soldered to the printed circuit board. If you do find the relay and open it up and find cracked solder joints touch up all of the solder joints with a soldering iron and additional solder. Run a test before re-assembly.

Good luck

(801) 463 4919

At 05:38 PM 12/19/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I ran into a minor problem today with my car. It seems that the windows
>and sunroof decided to stop working today. I've already checked and the
>fuses are fine. Also, I have no child safety window lock option in my
>car, and I haven't been doing any hardcore electrical work on my car
>recently either.
>Oddly, when I close/open the doors, the windows perform their normal
>routine of sliding down slightly when the door is opened and sliding
>back up after the door is closed. I think this means that the windows
>are still "working" but my controls/switches for the sunroof and windows
>seem to be doing nothing. Has anybody had a problem like this before?
>-Sean Madnani
> '99 M3/Coupe

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