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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 00:36:25 -0400
From: "T. Lavinder" <>
Subject: Electronic problems, Check this

I just wanted to pass along a hard lesson that was learned from my former car, a 1992 325i. I replaced window and sunroof switches, the computer and the central locking system before the true source of the problem was found. During 4 months, I only had the car for 18 intermittent days. One 95 degree day, the car locked me inside, windows and sunroof closed and unable to be opened. The air conditioning failed. I made it to the dealer and they broke into the car. BMW NA sent a technical rep to work on it. Nothing resolved the problems. They went so far as to rewire the features, using isolated circuits. Who finally found the source of these initially innocent electrical problems? Me! A non mechanical female.

If you have the headliner mounted vanity mirror lights, be sure they do not short out against the car's metal frame. This type of short caused all the previously mentioned problems and wasted many experienced people's time. And no, I don't want a BMW with unbreakable glass anytime soon, but I wouldn't want to drive anything else.

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