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From digest.v6.n878 Mon Jul 14 11:08:05 1997
From: Louis Goldsman <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 00:25:09 -0700
Subject: OBC special codes

>From: Mark Yarger <>
>Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 14:41:44 -0400
>Subject: OBC special codes
>I pressed 1000 and 10 together on my OBC and got a special menu. Now what?
> I'd love a list of known codes.
>Thanks in advance,

The following is from a 1993 posting attributed to Jim Conforti for the E36 OBC-

"To determine if your OBC is eligible .. press 1000 and 10 together ..

you should see TEST NO -- or something like that --

Now, some of the functions are locked out .. I do NOT recommend messing with them and you do so at your own risk ... that said ..

To unlock all functions .. press 1000 and 10 and at the TEST prompt enter 19 using the keys .. press SET/RES .. you should see LOCK:ON or something similar ... press the DATE key (today you'd see 07.14) and add the two numbers (day and month) together (today 21)

Now enter the number you just calculated (21) and press SET/RES

TADA .. you just unlocked the secret functions ...

To lock them back up .. press 1000 and 10 then enter 19, SET/RES, now press SET/RES again, it should show .. LOCK:ON again

In general when I show a test I enter it by pressing 1000 and 10 together then enter the number of the test with the numeric key and press SET/RES to actually execute the test ...

Test numbers for E36 OBC (Note: This should also work for the 535!)

1 Display Test .. all LCDs and LEDs activate 2 Current Consumption in l/100km
3 Current Consumption in L/hour
4 Average Consumption (used to calc. Range) 5 Current Range
6 Not used ..
7 Average Fuel in Tank (l)
8 Current Speed (km/h)
9 System Voltage at terminal R
10 Country/Language
11 Units/ AM.PM
12 Average Speed (km/h) for calc. ETA
13 ETA
14 Date of software/mask of OBC
15 Production Diagnosis (??)
16 Production Diagnosis (??)
17 Display Vehicle Specific Data
18 Alarm Changeover (continuous v. intermittent) 19 LOCK/UNLOCK all functions
20 Correction Factor for OBC Fuel Consumption (SEE BELOW!) 21 Reset all defect codes, date and time ... activate by pressing SET/RES

Note: #20 the factor is used to correct the OBC Avg Fuel Consumption figure to reality .. if your OBC is off a bit ... fill UP totally ... run tank down and refill ... calculate your Actual MPG ..

Now enter test 20 get the old Correction Factor .. NEW CF = OLD CF *(Actual MPG/OBC MPG)

enter the NEW CF using the numeric kays and hit SET/RES to store ..

PLEASE record you OLD CF so that IF you screw up you can always go back to what it was .."

Note: on my E34 ///M5 there is a slight deviation from the E36 procedure list above. To lock the system I press the F/C button on the left rather than the SET/RES button. Other models may have other deviations.

Hope this helps.

91 ///M5 - original owner

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