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From digest.v7.n699 Wed Dec 3 16:50:56 1997
From: Blair Hartsfield <>
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 10:29:16 -0600
Subject: <E36> M3:RE:Beware the E36 M3 Battery!

Hi All!

Just wanted to pass on that there is another alternative to the hard to find battery for the E36 M3. Exide makes 3 batteries to fit. One fits the smaller size mount location (about $70), one fits the medium size location (same size as original battery, about $80), and one fits the largest mount location (about $109). I was not able to find these batteries at the normal Exide retail outlets-I had to call Exide (they have a distribution warehouse here in Dallas). All come with differing warranties from Exide directly. The largest battery (the one I coughed up the $$$ for, but still cheaper than the dealer with the CCA discount) has all the internal plates of the battery welded, so it is less prone to vibration problems. It is part of the NASCAR Select line of batteries (hopefully they welded correctly for right hand turns! ;-). I figured this was the battery for me, as the car sees 3-4 schools a year, around 10 autocrosses a year, and some extracurricular activities on the street.

None of the warranties would have worked for me. Car is 3 years old/57k miles!

Hope this helps,
Blair Hartsfield

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