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From digest.v7.n68 Thu Aug 7 13:47:35 1997
From: Richard Biscevic <>
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 10:00:01 -0700
Subject: Re: Valentine One Mounting - E36 Trick

Dave wrote a long description of how to hard wire a Valentine Radar into an E36. (I've excluded it for fear of someone doing it... ;-).


Why not just tap the wires to the interior light, 6 inches from the unit?? It is a MUCH simpler, more elegant, and less time consuming endeavor. No fishing wires or routing them through the dash.

All you need is two 3M wire taps and the two wires. A BMW dealer did it for me, and it works great. The unit turns on and off with the ignition. If you are interested, I can easily pry open the panel to the sunroof motor, pop out the interior light, and see which two wires to use.

It sure beats running a wire all the way to the trunk and takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

Let me know if you need to know what wires to tap. I'll check tonight.

  • -Rich

From: "David Flogaus" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 21:43:07 -0400
Subject: Valentine One Mounting - E36 Trick


Boy, that was harder to type than it was to perform!

Good Luck,

Dave Flogaus
Delaware Valley Chapter Newsletter Editor

1995 Silver M3

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