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From digest.v5.n144 Sun Aug 25 12:05:49 1996
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 09:21:28 -0400
Subject: <E36 M3> Location of DME box

Jari Kielinen wrote:

>Ok, I give up! Where exactly is the Motronic box located in a 95 M3
>(US)? I searced behing the glove box but could not find it. The only
>good suspect turned out to be an abs control box. The other boxes are
>made of plastic and I dont think any of those is the DME. Hints how
>to get the box out are also appreciated.

Open the hood and look at the far left side of the firewall, right below the windshield. You will see a thick piece of black rubber insulation about 5" X 10". There is a large wiring harness running into it on the right side. Remove the black plastic fasteners and plastic nuts that hold it on. (Remove the plastic fasteners by prying up the center of the fastener and then popping the fastener out of the socket.)

After the insulation is removed, you will see a black plastic cover. Remove the three screws along the top edge and the one screw near the lower right edge. As you pull the cover away from the firewall, slide the cover off the wiring harness on the right side.

When the plastic cover is off, you will see the DME box sitting inside a little alcove that goes under the windshield. The wiring harness connector to the DME has a metal handle on the front of it. Pull the handle toward you to release the connector from the DME; tilt the connector toward you and to the left and it will separate from the DME.

The DME box is attached to a frame that holds it in place by two screws. Each screw is attached to a small "L-shaped" bracket. When you remove the screws and brackets, note their position so that you can get them back in the same way later.

Now the box should just slide out of the frame and is ready to be shipped off for "reprogramming." :-)

Hope this helps.

Bob Stommel

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