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From Thu Dec 14 11:21:18 2000
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:21:03 EST
Subject: Lets Daytime Running Light (DRL) my '00 M coupe +

In Canada, starting with the 1990 model year, BMW's came with daytime running lights. If you have trouble obtaining the DRL module, Ron will send you one for $63.20 plus shipping. You will have to decide if you would like this feature on your car.

Link: ;static=1

A DRL module lights the high beams with an alternating lower voltage so they are less bright than when the high beams are on normally.

The DRL's come on in run and start.

They remain on when you turn on the parking lights.

When you turn on the head lights (low beams) they go off. Nick Hurst found out that to get this feature in our cars you just had to replace the high beam relay with the DRL module. In Canada, I assume you could remove the DRL feature by replacing the DRL module with the regular high beam relay.

It's a direct plug-in replacement.

This will work on all the Z3's like my coupe. On my coupe and other Z3's the high beam relay that you replace with the DRL module is located under the dash on the drivers side just above the speaker.

I assume since they share the same relay it will work with other E36's. The relay on the other E36's is also located under the dash on the drivers side just above and to the left of the steering column.

On my '97 318ti the wiring is shown in the ETM (Electrical Troubleshooting Manual) but marked as not used. Turns out the wiring in pin 1 and 5 is not there. Pin 1 and 5 go across the headlight switch pin 10 (yellow) and pin 4 (green/red). I added wire connector 61 13 0 007 439 $1.50 retail to pin 5 of the relay socket. I added wire connector 61 13 0 007 437 $1.50 retail to pin 1 of the relay socket.

To do this you have to remove the upper pin lock of the relay socket. You can do this with a screwdriver or use the tool shown.

Once removed push in each contact from below until you hear them click into place. Small contact into pin 1. Larger contact into pin 5.

I tapped pin 1 of the relay socket to the wire going to pin 10 (yellow) on the headlight switch. I tapped pin 5 of the relay socket to the wire going to pin 4 (green/red) on the headlight switch. If your not into adding wiring, check the relay socket for wires in pins 1 and 5 before buying your DRL module., FLI BMW, FLY BMW, Marlborough, CT
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DRL's For An E36 With Front Fog Lights by John Firestone.

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