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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 15:42:16 -0400
From: Skip Bogard <>
Subject: RE: AC blowing out hot air at light....

Thanks much to Ken Robb, Ron Buchalski, and Pete Maillet for pointing the finger at my AC auxillary fan! That was the reason for hot-air blowing out while stopped at traffic lights.

That thing wasn't turning. Pete Maillet further nailed it right on the head when he said:

> Had the same thing and it turned out to be just a fuse, which according to the
> service guy is a very common problem for the '95s. Look in the fuse box, I'm
> not sure which one but think it was yellowish

it's actually a green 30 amp fuse...easy to find because BMW on the fuse-map picture has it labelle "AUXILLARY FAN" (fuse #30 or #31 from memory)

I'll watch that thing for two weeks and see if any more blow. If it eats fuses, I'll have BMW replace the fan under extended warranty. I'm a little concerned because that $800 fan was just replaced in May when I hit a king-size box spring (yes, it was 'sliding like a hockey puck' across I-40 as I told my insurance co). That new fan shouldn't be melting fuses, hopefully the tech just forgot to replace the fuse after the collision impact stopped the fins from spinning.

Cheers and thanks!

  • Skip
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