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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 04:12:48 EDT
Subject: Lets Delrin AF the M-Z3 shift lever bushing

Someone asked me to Delrin AF bushing a crimped, bent M-Z3 shift lever for his M3. I also did the shortened from above M-Z3 shift lever in my M coupe. Delrin AF, chocolate brown in color, is impregnated with 20% Teflon fibers. No lubrication required (slippery)(advantage). The bushing is hand reamed to exactly the right size. I've been told that there is little friction in a pivot joint, so doing this is a waste of time. Whatever the friction is, it is one-third less at the shift knob (ratio of the shift lever). Some use ball bearings. I always looked at ball bearings for use in things that go round and round, like bicycle stuff. The rotation of the M-Z3 shift lever bushing in an M3 is approximately 16 degrees on a third to fourth shift. As above, ball bearings may be a waste of time too. As a side note, the transmission selector rod joint bushing for my '00 M coupe has a different part number. Dimension wise it is identical to the one used in the M3. The difference is that the bushing is black in color instead of white. Could BMW be using black Delrin in this one? FLY BMW Marlborough, CT

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