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From: Ron Stygar <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 00:19:17 EDT
Subject: Lets change the E36 manual transmission fluid

The Performing a Major Service articles on an E36 318I and 325I in the August, September and October '96 issues of the Roundel are an excellent guide. The following is my experience replacing the transmission fluid with Redline D4ATF on my '96 328is and '97 318tis. Feel free to use your method and fluid of choice.

Parts required:

       2- Quarts Redline D4ATF transmission fluid
       1- Sta-lube Fluid Oil Pump: NAPA # 4344 $4.99
       1- Gallon Jug that accommodates the above pump 
          (NAPA Windshield fluid jug $1.79 with fluid)
       1- 17 mm 1/2" drive 6 point socket, Sears 44258
          or equivalent

Here we go:

Take the car for a ride to warm up the transmission fluid. I place my car up in the air (relatively level) on four jackstands equipped with my jackstand adapters.

I prick punch the drain plug so I can return it to the drain position.

Remove the fill plug using a 17 mm wrench or the above mentioned socket or equivalent. Remove the drain plug, draining the fluid into your drain pan. I let it drain overnight. Replace the drain plug torquing it to 50 NM (36.9 LB-ft). Fill the transmission using the Sta-lube pump or whatever until it just overflows. Replace the fill plug torquing it to 50 NM (36.9 LB-ft).

My '00 Z3 M coupe comes with lifetime transmission and differential fluids. Although lifetime, I like changing out the fluids in my car. BMW does too on the new E39 M5. They change out the transmission and differential fluids in this car at 1200 miles.

That's it. FLY BMW Marlborough, CT
Unofficial RS/SS bender/installer +

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