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From Wed Jul 28 06:39:28 1999
From: "Carl Buckland" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 19:40:29 -0600
Subject: (e36M3] rotor break-in, Watkins Glen
CC: Dale Beuning <> From: Dale Beuning <>
Subject: 36M3] rotor break-in

>I'm trying to get in at least 100 miles of street driving to heat-cycle
>new rotors before putting them to heavy use on the track.

Hi Dale,

Just back from a 8 day trip down memory lane in Western NY, where my Dad grew up. squeezed in a 3 day track event at Watkins Glen with the Genesee Chapter. Even as an instructor, I got 450 miles of driving, and another 600 of riding shotgun! Wow! What a track. I will do a full write up when I have time later this week.

Rotors......the more that you can bed the rotors and new pads, the better. 500 miles is not unreasonable. Even though steel, the rotors do assume a surface that conforms to the pads. Moreover, the rotors pick up a certain amount of Performance Friction pad material (I can speak of other pads only in passing. PF 90's have been my pad of choice for a couple of years now. I suspect that other pads are regular depositers as well), and the more uniformly that the material is spread over the pad, the better.

I HIGHLY recommend buying a set of designated rotors for each set of race pads (or at least for each *type* of pad. replace rears every other time). Sometimes the rotors will outlast the pads, but not in my considerable experience of eventually warping every set of rotors that I have (even with ducting). Rotors are cheap: BMP, Will Turner, Joe Marko, and all the others sell brembo OE knockoffs that work just as well as OE's, but cost less than $100 per set of fronts. Buying extra floating rotors, or specially treated rotors , would be too expensive to support the "one set of rotors for each set of pads theory," but I think that, with proper ducting, anything but OE knockoffs is a waste of money. (sorry Dinah, I know that you have your heart set on some floaters, but save your money, I say).

Yours in Braking (the Bank with car mods),

Carl Buckland
99 Cougar Rental Car, bone stock, bald front left tire

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 00:24:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dale Beuning <>
Subject: 36M3] rotor break-in

Saw a thread last week on breaking in new rotors.

According to the Pegasus Auto Racing information: "New rotors must be brought up to temperature in a prudent manner to
burn off the contaminants in all new rotors. Condition of new rotors can
be done with new or used pads."

I'm trying to get in at least 100 miles of street driving to heat-cycle new rotors before putting them to heavy use on the track.


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