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From digest.v7.n524 Sat Nov 1 14:54:36 1997
From: Bob Stommel <>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 10:14:16 -0500
Subject: <E36 M3> Warped rotors

>2. The E-36 M3 has a significant design flaw and is prone to getting
>warped front rotors. If you switch to aftermarket pads, or even if you
>don't, the dealer and BMW are prone to show bad faith by refusing to
>honor the warranty as regards this item.

One of the problems with the brake ducts on the E36 M3 is that the duct tends to blow air around the rotor instead of into the center of the rotor. The key to good brake cooling is to get air into the center of the rotor. If you don't want to go to the extreme of installing a race-type ducting system, a cheap and easy way to get more air into the center of the rotor is to bend the front of the backing plate inward toward the strut. It helps if you make a 1.5 inch horizontal cut in the backing plate starting at the front edge near the top of the first ripple in the plate. That will allow you to bend the top half farther inward than the lower half (the distance the lower half can be bent is limited by the tie rod connection).

Bob Stommel
Hoosier Chapter
(Wide open 'til ya see God, then brake.)

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