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From digest.v7.n470 Tue Oct 21 17:47:17 1997
From: Duane Collie <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 10:58:27 -0400
Subject: Brakes: HOT Laps

> From:
> Date: Mon, 20 Oct 97 17:31:03 -0600
> Subject: Brake pads and driver's school

>      Well, after a few sessions my OBC light came on (funny, right at the
> end of the back straight). This is the first time I've ever burned off > (almost new) brake pads in one event. > > So, suddenly I've become very interested in brake pad technology and > opinions. I'm interested in hearing some opinions on different pads > for my E30 325is. I've only used Metalmasters up till now but I'm > ready to try something different. > > I've heard some pads will stop great but wear fast and others are hard > as a rock and will chew up the rotors. Which is which ? I would > imagine the Metalmasters are somewhere in between ? I'm mainly > interested in performance (although longevity would just be gravy).


For some reason, MetalMasters have gotten a rep as a 'track' pad. They are not! Metalmasters are nothing more than a street pad that dusts less than the stock Jurids and they have only 90 degrees or so more threshold than stock. If you drive hard on the track Metalmasters will you discovered at your school and Pat Donahue discovered at ours in the Geezermobile.

At this past weekend's Driver's School at Summit Point, there were all sorts of BMW's with melted or fading brakes. Some of you guys are starting to get really fast out there and your street brakes can't cut it anymore. Kinda spooky coming 120 mph off the main straight into Turn # 1 (40 mph) and praying for more stop power, eh? I heard a lot of the 325/328/M3 guys saying they needed more brake. you know now you need more pad. Before you select a track pad you should know that universally they all put out gobs of brake dust, rattle, squeak and cost considerably more than street pads. They also don't stop well when cold so don't plan on using them on the street. The most aggressive pads will devour your rotors, too - regardless of how "rotor friendly" you may hear they are. Aggressive pads also throw out extremely hot brake pad particles that WILL pit your paint job near your fenders. So what's a RM3DR1 pilot to do?

First, resign yourself to having two sets of pads. One Street set, one track set. Get a dustless pad for the street - Metalmasters are fine ( Steve D'G _at_ The Ultimate Garage or Michel Potheau _at_ Circle Tire has 'em) and will serve you well for auto-x, too. Change to the track pads the night before you head out to the track - its easy on all BMW's. If you don't know how to do it, ask a buddy. You need to be able to bleed your brakes and change pads if you go to the track. The Underground Upgrade Club (U.C.C.) on our Chapter Website (Click on the 'secret' airplane icon at the bottom of the web site to access the UCC - there are no directions from the web site) has some directions.

When you select a track pad you should decide if you can live with the cost of rotor replacement for max. performance, the paint pitting issue and the cost of the pads themselves. You can get different compounds from a given manufacturer and make a choice from there. Do not get a 'street/track' compound and try to run one pad for all...won't cut it for you. Some of the premier pads like Performance Frictions will run about $ 350 a set, depending on compund and your car model.

I'm using "Kewl Willies" from Will Turner _at_ Turner Motorsports (508-388-7769) and am real happy with them. They stop like nobody's business, are relatively inexpensive for a track pad (under $ 200 for a set of four), don't cream the rotors, and don't throw hot particles onto the paint. You have to 'break them in' before you go to the track and I was able to get five aggressive driver's schools out of a set this season. They have no rivets in them so you can use 'em all the way to the backing plate (careful!). These are the exact same compound and formula of the old Cool Carbons. Will uses them on his race cars and he runs like a scalded cat in his E30. I'm using these next season as well - the "official RM3DR1 track pad" (Hey Will, do I get a free set now? <<< reverse SPAM).

Duane Collie
National Capital Chapter

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